A few quick answers to the questions we get asked most often

A: We service and repair most makes and models, but people especially seek us out for our expertise in classic Japanese and European models, and Historic Road Racing motorcycles. Our workshop offers a complete range of services including Tyres, Electrical, Suspension, Engine building, Carb tuning and refurbishment, spoked wheel building and more - its best to give us a call or drop in and ask.

A: We don't do many classic British bikes, we don't do any Harleys, Hyosungs, cheap import bikes in general, dirt bikes, pit bikes, quads or scooters. There are plenty of other shops around specialising in those bikes, and our passion lays elsewhere. 


A: None at this point in time, we do not currently sell motorcycles. 

Absolutely, we do this. A lot. The process will go like this - bring the bike in to us, we'll put it up on the bench and give it a look through. Then we'll let you know exactly what it will need to get back running perfectly and into safe road-going condition, and we can take it from there.

How long is a peice of string?

Unfortunately, we cant tell from any amount of description over the phone everything wrong with your bike, what the hidden problems are that will be discovered along the way, or what the actual condition of the bike is, even if you insist it is the mint condition barn-find of the century.

There is just no substitute for putting hands and eyes on the bike and checking over it in person. What we can do is put the bike on our bench, take a look and discuss costs and options with you from there.

We are not a motorcycle wreckers - there are some good ones around, give them a call!

Over the years we have developed  a very good network of suppliers, specialists, parts manufacturers and a particular knack for finding hard to source parts. We can make most anything we cant find - essential skills for the job we do! We can also source and supply parts for you at a fair price, drop us a line with your inquiry on the contact page.

Shipping policy

We are flat our wrenching on motorcycles, but we'll get your orders out ASAP whenever we can. Currently postage runs are twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays - very often we'll drop them through the week as well, but you can count on Tuesdays and Fridays

Worldwide, within reason - some items such as Lithium Batteries and Aerosol containers may not be suitable for international airmail. We'll let you know if we run into any problems with your order.

Australia wide you should have it in your hands inside of a week in most cases, but usually allow 3-6 business days

Returns and exchanges

Oh no! Problem? First step, let us know, we do care! 

Drop us a line on the Contact page and we can work out the best course of action for you. Our address is on there too if you want to post it back right away, but be sure to let us know and put your information with the package so we know who it is from!